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Hello, I'm Chloe, I have been teaching English riding here at Noverton Farm for 23 years, along with my father who is a Western riding instructor. 

We both adopt a passive approach to horsemanship, my interest in natural horsemanship began when I started breaking horses in my teens. I was captivated by the psychology of the horse and have continued to grow my knowledge and skills. My passion to not only educate myself, but my pupils, is very important to me. Through correct horsemanship the horse and rider will have a better partnership. 

As I began helping troubled and young horses I became interested in classical dressage. The classical routes of dressage have strong links to horsemanship, thus doing things in a way the horse finds easy to understand. My father has played a huge role in my equine education from a young age, helping me to control my slightly wayward Welsh cob, Oscar, to supporting me with all the horses I have to this day. 

I was lucky enough to win a competition some 17 years ago with the dressage olympian, Carl Hester, who has continued to help me and inspire me in dressage ever since.

I continue to enjoy competing at dressage with the horses I train, I have also trained many horse and rider combinations competing in British Dressage. 

Teaching children and helping them grow to become great horseman is a great pleasure of mine. 

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